Thursday, March 30, 2017

Anaconda flash cure features

The Anaconda is the latest option for the ElectraPrint automatic t-shirt printer.  This system uses heat and a roller to flatten the fibers of a garment into the base ink layer.  The effect is sharper prints that pop off a shirt and feel softer and smoother.

Simple in design.

Using the structure of a Stretch Devices M3 roller frame, the Anaconda utilizes teflon sheeting as the base support that is in contact with the garment.  A flat, flexible heater is placed in the squeegee side of the teflon.  A digit temperature control with a thermocouple will keep the heater within 7° of the set temperature.  A silicone pad is placed on top of the heater for friction protection.  A roller is used in the squeegee system to press the heat onto the shirt.  Typically used in conjunction with a standard QuartzAir flash, this process offers startling results with quick speed.

Not just for Brown presses.

Because the frame structure is a standard 23" x 31" M3 roller frame, the Anaconda can be used with any automatic press.  Roller systems are available for all press types.  

Reasonable cost and simple install.

The Anaconda is no more expensive than our QuartzAir flash systems and they require only 120V, 17A of power, installation is quick and simple.  These are a great addition to any shop.  

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