Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Production solutions, for all print shops.

Brown Manufacturing Group, Inc. offers a wide array of products to increase production and profits for many types of screen printing shops.  For production solutions in printing, curing, athletic numbering or screen processing, we have it.

Ok, so how is this a blog and not a sales pitch?  Good question.  

It starts by asking the reader what area of their shop is a drain on production and not helping the bottom line.  That is a review all business owners and print shop managers need to ask themselves.  Typically, everyone gets wrapped up in the daily concerns of getting goods out the door and collecting money.  We don't take the time to look at the process and see what needs help.

OK, how do we do that?

Start by taking a step back from your daily operations and critically looking at your bottom line.  Ask some questions.

  1. Where are your costs higher than you expect?  
  2. Where are the bottle necks in the operation?
  3. What areas are requiring maintenance?
  4. What are your sales people asking for?
When you have looked at these and come up with a list of items to address, the analysis begins.  You remember Business 101?   Well, this is textbook stuff.  If any of these areas have red flags, you need to look at alternatives.

Business 101 refresher.

  • If your curing system is unreliable, get a new one.  Down time is expensive.
  • If your curing system is not fast enough, get a new one.  Really, I had to tell you that?
  • If you are thinking you need to hire more people to get the work out, don't.  Get an automatic.  It shows up everyday and can do the work of 40 hours manual printing in about 6 hours.
  • If your auto printing machines won't hold registration, call in a tech and get them fixed.  If you can't count on the machine, you won't make money.
  • If your manual printing machine won't hold register, do some much needed maintenance.  Really, there isn't much to these machines but they don't work if you don't take care of them.
  • Is your screen department too slow?  Fix it.
  • Is your sales staff telling you that they have solid customers for new products?  Listen to them!  These are the people who get you orders!
What is so amazing about Business 101 is that is applies to home-based businesses and large production houses in the same way.  The questions are the same, the solutions are the same.  Only the size and price tag changes.

Take a look at the options from Brown Manufacturing Group, Inc.

When you are finished with your homework, call us for some suggestions of what will help increase your production and your bottom line.