Monday, November 3, 2014

BrownDigital FireFly introduction


This October, BrownDigital, a division of Brown Manufacturing Group, Inc. introduced the FireFly line of curing system.  The DragonAir line was expanded to include the new modular Griffin and the upgraded Fire models.  The SGIA introduction was a huge success.

 DragonAir Fire


The DragonAir Fire units feature TRX software with touch screen displays and DragonAir Core Technology.  The Fire is designed for high volume of discharge, direct-to-garment and water based printing. 

 DragonAir Griffin


The DragonAir Griffin units feature the TRXi software on a larger 10” touchscreen and internet connectivity.  These units provide the production of the DragonAir Fire with the mobile control needed in today’s fast paced world.  The added feature of modular design provides growth flexibility to any shop.

Finally, the FireFly, a patent pending machine, was shown in the Kornit booth and provides unique thermal imaging software and quartz heat technology for reduced floor space requirements, increased production volume and higher quality final goods.

As was proven at SGIA, the FireFly is the future of curing for digital print on textile.  If you have interest in this product line, please contact us for additional information.

Thank you for considering BrownDigital.