Friday, March 21, 2014

Vintage machinery. How old it too old?

How old are the machines in your shop?

Every day our service technicians talk to people who are running vintage, museum quality, Harco printing machines.  We still have parts to fix most of these machines and are often amazed that they are still in production.  And, as we since earn our living by selling new equipment, we are dismayed that they are still functioning perfectly.  We do comment to Wes, our founder, that maybe he should not have made them so durable.

It does tell something about what we do and who we are.  We appreciate that shirt decorators want machines that last for years with durability and dependability.  Printers use their machines every day and these machines take quite a pounding.  Often, customers are so busy printing that maintenance is delayed but they still need the machines to perform at optimum levels.  Again, we have Wes to thank for designing printers and dryers that can do this.

We have dug through the archives and found photos of some of the original products that were produced.  Many of the products still look similar to what we produce today.

Machine history video.

The question for you:  

Are you still running machinery that is vintage?  Is it still productive or does it have capacity for what you are producing today?  If you wonder about either of those questions, then you should consider new.  We take trade-ins for what you have and understand how needs change.

Looking to trade up?

Do you have machinery in your shop that is vintage?  Send us a photo of what you have and earn a 25% discount in the month of March.