Wednesday, July 12, 2017

New products for new industries

Like all forward thinking businesses, Brown is continually looking for new markets to expand into.  Where can we take the knowledge we possess and apply it to other areas that will expand our revenue?  This process needs to be an expansion, not an overreach.  New products and ideas that can be explored with some risk but without exposing the core business.  This is the premise that allowed for the creation of the FireFly™ which has moved us into the direct-to-garment industry and given us connection into other decorated products.  One of the newest ventures is into curing UV printed items.

The introduction of the Vega™ UV/led curing system was a quiet launch last fall.  BrownDigital created this system by combining our knowledge of UV lighting, our knowledge of printing and the software capabilities from the FireFly™.  In addition we have combined the Vega and the FireFly to allow for curing of any substrate at any time.  This is groundbreaking.

For those in the textile printing world, UV printing is alien.  The process is similar, still screen printing and the inks do not air dry, just like plastisol.  However, the curing properties are very different.  UV inks cure with the direct application of UV light.  The light must be at a specific point in the spectrum and distance will alter the intensity.  Production speed is much higher than textile and specifications are rigid.

The Vega offers UV/led light modules in both 365NM and 395NM. The light modules are available separately so that they can be installed onto existing curing lines or as a full curing unit with software or combined with the FireFly for a multi-functional curing production system.  The variety allows for the Vega to fit into any shop.

Vega with FireFly
The software for the Vega is similar to what is on the FireFly and when the two machines are paired, it is a combined system so that both curing units are displayed on the Linx™ Command Center.  This software allows for 36 saved program profiles, 18 stored maintenance tasks and built in diagnostics.  A complete set of controls at your fingertips.

The Vega moved Brown into new markets and introduced us to new customers.  Maybe Brown can help you move into the world of UV printing.  Contact us today for additional information.