Thursday, January 14, 2021

DragonAir Crimson engineered for DTG production

We are SO EXCITED.  The DragonAir Crimson oven is fresh out of design and through production and is into DTG print shops throughout the US as well as globally.  Our engineering team dug deep to get this done and the design is a winner.  It addresses all the technical requirements for curing DTG inks and incorporates them into a machine constructed for low volume, high quality production.

Though small on size, this machine is packed with features that are essential. Direct-to-garment printing uses pretreat solution and ink that requires high volume air flow and stabilized heat.  In a short chamber, the garment needs an additional boost to get the cure needed.  These parameters were used to engineer this machine from the ground up just to meet the needs of DTG low volume production.

Major control features

DragonAir Crimson
The Crimson comes equipped with many features that professional DTG printers know are needed.  Starting at the control systems, this unit includes digital temperature control on the main chamber.  This reads the temperature at belt height and regulates cal-rod style heaters for optimal control.  These heaters are also have indicator lights for quick and easy verification of function.

Additionally, the Crimson includes a heat bump on the front of the heat chamber.  These quartz heaters are controlled separately from the main chamber and are monitored with indicator lights.  This allows rapid response to garment temperature requirements and quick heat build of product for faster production.  

The air requirements of DTG inks are serviced by the variable air speed control.  DragonAir Core Technology circulates hot air around the heaters and onto the belt for rapid evacuation of water.  This air can be quickly adjusted to match a garment's specifications.  Also, the discharge from the garment can be funneled through the heavily insulated air box on the end of the chamber.  This is designed to connect to the exhaust system of a production shop and to contain the water vapor to exit from one location.

Construction features

The heat controls combine with a variable speed belt to give the operator a wide range of curing options.  This speed control is connected to a heavy-duty drive train designed with long lasting durability.  Crowned rollers making belt tracking simple and adjustable baffles are used to shield internal temperature from external influences.  All of this is packaged nicely on an industrial frame which requires minimal space.

The DragonAir Crimson is engineered specifically for DTG low volume production.  This small unit is the perfect  addition to any small digital facility who is ready to move on from using a transfer press for curing and is looking for a true DTG production machine.