Friday, October 12, 2018

Award winners from SGIA 2018

BrownDigital earns Product Of The Year in 2 categories

FireFly Curing System 
U.S. Patent No. 10,011,136


What an honor.  Our patented FireFly eared the SGIA Screen Printing Drying Equipment Product of the Year.  This system is unique to the industry in its design and function.  Thermal imaging cameras monitor the temperature of the substrate and adjust the amount of energy applied to ensure perfect cure for each item. Paired with our proprietary software that connects to our Linx Control System software, this is a product designed to cure any decorated garment, whether screen or digitally printed.

Synergy Pretreat Module


And double the accolades.  The Synergy pretreat module earned the SGIA Pre-press (Sprayers/Dryers) Product Of The Year.  The Synergy combines with the FireFly to pretreat goods for direct to garment printing. Configured to spray two different pretreat solutions, and to mix them from concentrated form, the Synergy system is a large scale solution to a production bottle neck.  Simple to operate and easy to clean, this unit features software scheduled maintenance of the nozzle heads with built in flow sensors.  

Additionally, this system connects to our Linx Control System software to provide complete control of any product in your on-demand production floor.

See these and our full line of products at the SGIA show in Las Vegas on October 18, 19 and 20.