Friday, August 11, 2017

Green technologies inspire new solutions

Visit Brown in booth #3301 and #1845
The upcoming SGIA show offers opportunities for any decorator to see amazing advancements in technology and innovative solutions for existing production issues.  The world of digital printing on garments was presented over a decade ago at SGIA.  Now the industry is moving into creative garments that have tech and communications woven into the fabrics.  Products that are better uses of resources, both environmental and economic.  Products that are immediate, offer rapid change and can be efficiently produced.  These new challenges have driven BrownDigital to create new lines of products that give flexibility to production, for both function and application.

FY-2x27-45 extended
The FireFly™ curing system was originally developed to address the direct to garment printing industry.  It was designed to speed up curing of digital inks and pretreat.  This technology has also been applied to similar printing inks such as discharge and water base ink lines.  The FireFly has proven that it can cure these ink lines in smaller space with equal results compared to traditional curing units.

Knowledge of what the FireFly can do has led BrownDigital into other, newer printing production arenas.  Water based ink transfers and silicone ink transfers have rapidly become high volume contenders in garment decorating.  Water based ink lines offer an environmentally cleaner alternative decorating option and silicone inks solve problems with durability and color bleed.  The FireFly can cure these transfers in 18 seconds as opposed the the traditional cure time of 42 seconds.  This time reductions increases the capacity of an auto feed sheet line by nearly 80%.  This means more production in less space and reduced power consumption.  Production line size reduction of 50% and a total energy reduction of 80%.  Greener tech for greener products.

Additional information on the SGIAExpo and the BrownDigital FireFly can be found online or contact the Brown Manufacturing sales and technical staff.  Visit our booths #3301 and #1845 at SGIAExpo for a full demonstration of all of the FireFly benefits.