Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The test of time

We asked customers to submit photos of Brown and Harco machinery that they owned for years and are still using in production.  The response was amazing.  We also started collecting some photos of machines that we know are in production because they are from service calls within the last 6 weeks.  Again, we are pleased and surprised at the age and durability of our products.

We think this is an indication that our products are excellent investments.

Some of our favorite photos came from customers who showed old and new in production together.  The oldest combo is this SuperPrinter from 1983 and the ElectraPrint Jr. from 2012.

Side by side they deliver results every day.
Courtesy of Clay Tees Printing
We also noticed that a clean shop means machinery that lasts.  Notice how clean these are?

These are vintage in great condition.  Both are circa 1987.
Courtesy of O'Callahans

Courtesy of Custom 31 Graphics
We received many other photos.  Some looked old, but they were not quite as antique as the customer thought.  They were all in working condition and it was a bit of a walk down memory lane for our staff.

So, what is the oldest machine that we saw?  Well, the photo of the complete unit was never sent, but close-ups were.  Also sent, was the original sales material from when they purchased the unit.

Vintage 1979.  

Courtesy of DeMans Team Sports
We thank all the people who sent in photos.  If you have some, please send.  We are working on a video montage of these.  So the more the merrier.