Friday, March 9, 2012

Show specials. Are they really special?

So, did this pricing catch your attention?

That is one of the ponderings that exhibitor sales people and trade show directors discuss.  The Show companies want the exhibitors to provide special pricing at their event.  This gives everyone something to talk about and provides a reason for an attendee to make the trip.  

We have tried many different specials over our 30 years of trade show experience.  We have offered free freight, extra add-ons at no charge, deep discounts and free on-sight training.  (ok, maybe that last one wasn't a good sell.  Who wants us in their building?)  

This latest round of specials has gotten some attention.  Partly because the world is getting better at e-business and this has been viewed by many people who are on our e-mail list.

This is the question for our readers and customers.  Does a show special excite you enough to get you to attend an event?  If it does not, then what would?  

The argument is that there are too many conventions.  However, we meet new people at these events every time.  We get to introduce existing customers to new products each time we see them.  If this happens each time, then how can there be too many.

Ok, so now I am ranting.  

Take a look at the special and tell us what you think.  Or better yet, visit us at a show near you.  We are at them all.