Thursday, August 25, 2016

New technology coming to SGIA

SGIA is approaching fast and our engineering staff is working on new and innovative technology for introduction at this event.  With advancement in curing, lighting and software, there is a whirr of activity surrounding the entire department.  So what new items will you see?

Beginning at the manual machinery, the Set-N-Go™ preregistration system for the MasterPrinter™ now comes equipped with the LED pinpoint lighting system that has been an integral part of the system on the ElectraPrint™ automatic textile printers  These LED indicators light up when the screen is in the proper position, giving confirmation to the operator that the screen is ready to secure.  Speed, simplicity and accuracy are the keys to this great product.

Also in the manual printing line, Brown has re-issued the ShortStop™ athletic numbering system.  This is an attachment for a MasterPrinter or for any rear clamping carousel press.  This system prints 2-color digits of 4", 6", 8" 10" and 12" numbers with the speed typical of rotary load presses.  Set up a team name, and print numbers in one shirt load using a standard flash.  If you need to print athletic numbers, Brown has the solutions to fit your shop.

In the automatic printing category, the Anaconda™ is a new and unique product.  This is a completely new concept in flash curing.  It combines the compression heat of a transfer press with the speed of automatic printing.  Imagine a flash cure that flattens the fibers into the underbase and flashes in just a few seconds. It gives the print a crisp look without sacrificing production speed.  This is the Anaconda.  Revolutionary.

Lastly, the curing world is ever changing.  With the development of the FireFly™ we have learned much about curing situations around the globe.  The advancements in LED lighting technology allowed the development of the Vega™.  Similar to the FireFly in its versatility, the Vega is a LED curing system for UV ink systems.  This system can be purchased for pre-existing curing lines, combined with a FireFly or installed as an independent system.  LED is the forefront of UV curing solutions and the Vega with Linx™ Integration Software is the leader in innovation.

SGIA is the event for presentation of new and innovative products.  We are excited to introduce all of these and give hand-on demonstrations of our full line of machinery in booth 2147.  See you in Las Vegas!