Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Show season kicks off!

new for 2013

This past week, Brown Manufacturing Group has launched the 2013 trade show season with two great events.  The PPAI show was held in Las Vegas and we were proud to be members of the decorating pavilion. The Imprinted Sportswear Show is closing today in Long Beach and we have shown at this event since it began decades ago.

What makes these so special?
The PPAI show gives us a different side of our customer base than the other events that we exhibit at.  We get to see large decorators and manufacturers of unique items sold in the promotion world.  Many of our athletic jersey customers also exhibit at this show and visit our booth to see what's new.  Also, we get to solve unique problems that come up in this side of the printing world.  That kind is customer service is just fun.

The ISS show is big and bustling with garment decorators, our prime market.  This year the atmosphere and attitude of the customers attending has been more upbeat than the past few years.  We think that is a sign of an economy on the upswing.  California has suffered from this recession and this show has been a representation of that.  However, good things are coming.

What good things are coming?
Brown uses the ISS Long Beach event to introduce new products and ideas.  The customer base is receptive and it is a great way to start a new year.

New at is show is the TRX Series conveyor oven.  This includes the TRXi software that is amazing.  With this software, operators have complete control of the parameters of the dryer using a touch screen display. Cool, but what is really amazing is that these parameters can be saved for future reuse.  Up to 36 different jobs can be stored.  This software can also analyze the cost to run the job and the lifetime running cost of the machine.  There are more features to list, so check out the web site.

Also new at this event is Brown Manufacturing Group's new product division, BrownDigital.  This division displayed the new DragonAir line of curing units for direct-to-garment printers,  I know, about time someone made these!  These units offer air flow and convection heat through DragonAir Core Technology.  Go to the web site and check it out.

Another new product is the LazerLoad feature for the NumberPrinter line of athletic numbering machines.  This feature gives the press operator adjustable laser alignment lights to mark single digit and teen digit shirt placement.  A time saver for any athletic numbering shop.

Innovation is the key.
These hard economic time have been a struggle for many of our customers and competitors.  We have dealt with this in our usual style, by developing the products that solve problems and supply necessary tools.  By advancing our product line forward we have sustained our customer interest and grown during these past years.  Development of innovative and creative tools has been the benchmark of Brown's success.

Please take a moment and check out the new items.  We think you will be curious on how these can help you.