Friday, September 28, 2012

TRX Series Conveyor Oven Introduction

touch screen controlled curing system

Brown Manufacturing Group, Inc. introduces a new series of conveyor curing systems.  The TRX Series ovens offer the reliability and durability you expect from Brown brand dryers and the highest level of control package ever offered on an oven in the screen printing industry.  For the print shops who drive a high level of production and are attempting to get control of the shop rate and costs, this is a tool to have.

So what, exactly, does this thing do that is new and different?

While the TRX offers the same temperature accuracy of our Sierra and
UltraSierra2 lines of machines, this line also has the ability to program dryer settings and store them for future use.  Up to 36 different programs can be stored using a touch sensitive screen.  This means that when an operator changes garment types, he selects a predetermined set of parameters by pushing a button.  No more guessing what temperature and belt speed to run.

A few more features include:

  • Scheduled maintenance programs with alarms.
  • Industrial stack light with alarm notification.
  • Onboard diagnostics with alarm.
  • Eco Mode for low power usage during operator down time.
  • Auto shut-down mode.
  • Cost analysis per job and per piece.
  • Cost analysis for the life of the machine.
  • Time/Temperature/cost range analysis per job.
  • Password protection.
  • Overhead display of current temperature.
  • So much more....

So why the excitement?

Every shop has to keep track of production settings for the different type of garments.  In small shops, this information is usually in the operators head.  Not a good idea.  In larger shops, this is documented and the operator has to look up the settings and manually change the dryer to match.  With the TRX, just enter the parameters in one time and save them.  When the operator needs that again, touch a button.

Additionally, for production managers, the overhead display is visible from anywhere on the production floor.  The Stack Light gives visible alarms that can be viewed from anywhere on the production floor.  The running screen reads what program is activated and its preset requirements.  Wow, a lot of really useful tools.

On top of all that.... it tells you when it is broken, what needs to be maintained and how much it and your jobs are costing you.  Man, I wish all my shop tools could be that specific.

For more information.

This dryer is on our web site and, it is so cool, it gets to have its own.

Unleash this monster in your shop, today.