Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Proud to be recognized

Wow, what a whirlwind.  We are already to chestnuts roasting and new year's parties.  Where did the year go?  Some years we reflect on the solidity of the market or of certain product lines and are thankful for the consistency of our long term customer base.  This year, we are thankful for all of this plus the new markets that have expanded our customer base.  While our Brown machine line has stayed consistent and strong, the BrownDigital of machinery and software has opened new possibilities.  But, what additional benefits are derived from the expansion of our business?

MMI Awards banquet 

Brown Manufacturing was recognized as the 2019 Business Partner of the year for Mid Michigan Industries.  
MMI provides jobs and training for individuals with barriers to employment in six Michigan counties and is a leading employer in the central Michigan area. We are also one of the largest community rehabilitation providers in Michigan.
Brown was responsible for full time employment of 11 individuals with disabilities.  These people manufactured and assembled small components of the machines in the Brown and BrownDigital lines.

So while we are excited to share our product line advancements and our new marketing directives, we are most proud of how we help our community.  In the first week of June we donate machinery and prepared screens to the Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts.  This is the largest all volunteer festival in the country and it celebrates all of the art forms that are in our community.  This partnership with Brown has lasted 20+ years and we look forward to 2020.

At Thanksgiving, the Brown family members participate in the Grand Rapids Turkey Trot.  Like others in the country, this one is a fundraiser for our inter-city public schools.  This annual fundraiser has over 4000 participants and proceeds benefit after school athletics for about 6,000 K-12 students.  In 2018 more than $80,000 was raised.

It is a primary element of the our family business that we cross train workers so that they benefit from acquiring new skills.  All of our staff build multiple types of machines and learn everything from assembly to welding, powder coating to screen making, building maintenance to machine crating.  It is this diversity of skills and appreciation of hard work that keeps people at Brown for years.

We look forward to the growth of 2020 and the opportunities that will allow Brown to give back to  our community and our people.

For more information on our product line, please look at Brown Mfg and BrownDigital.  Let us know any questions you have about or products or these local events.