Friday, November 15, 2019

DTG curing for community printers

BrownDigital offers some amazing machines for large volume DTG producers.  Between the FireFly, the DragonAir Griffin curing systems and the Synergy pretreated production capacity is high and expandable.  These systems provide high quality finished goods as well as volume which have made them mainstays in these shops.

But what is available for the smaller or community producer who needs to be faster than a heat press allows?  Or one who would like to increase their quality to satisfy a higher lever customer?  BrownDigital offers curing systems for those DTG printers as well.

DragonAir Fire

DAF-3611 DragonAir Fire (aka Black Dragon)
The DragonAir Fire is offered in a 36" x 11' configuration.  Standard features include:

  • DragonAir Core Technology
  • TRX software for control of all curing variables 
  • Adjustable heater height
  • Adjustable convection air
  • Digital belt speed control
  • 8" heat bump with adjustable temperature control

DragonAir Core Technology 
The DragonAir Core for this system features air that circulates within the heated chamber and is scrubbed with filters.  The water vapor is exhausted from the chamber to increase the cure rate.  Adjustable heaters allows for different substrates and different ink density.

TRX Main Running Screen
The software feature on the Fire is one that sets this apart.  
  • Storage of up to 36 production profiles
  • Touchscreen adjustment of all variables of garment cure
  • Analytics of production costs 
  • Storage of up to 18 maintenance tasks
  • On board diagnostics
  • much, much  more

DragonAir Crimson

DAC 2406 DragonAir Crimson
This baby dragon is new to the BrownDigital product line.  Offered with a 24" wide by 6' long belt, it can be expanded by adding additional chamber.   It offers the main feature of DragonAir Core Technology at a cost that is appropriate for smaller shops.  Hot air is recirculated through the chamber to cure both DTG inks and pretreat.  

Crimson Features include:
  • DragonAir Core Technology
  • Digital temperature control
  • 4" heat bump with temperature adjustment
  • Adjustable convection air

Is DTG for you?

So if you have one digital printer or many BrownDigital can improve your production flow with a curing system that is within your price range, production requirements and space restrictions.  Contact us to talk about which system is best for your bottom line.