Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Friends and Family Social Media Connections

Connecting with our customers is our primary business.
We focus most of our sales time on getting in touch with our customers.  We prefer direct interaction on trade show floors and being in our customer's locations.  We spend most every day on the telephone with our customers discussing printing problems and suggesting ways to improve their businesses.  After all this time together, we consider most of our customers to be our friends and many of them feel like family.

In this era of social media and online connection we have added many ways for our customers to keep up with our new products, product specials and technical advice.  All of these social connections have their own unique value.  Some, like this one, allow us to explore technical issues in depth.  Others give us the opportunity to shout out special offers and quick tips.

Additionally, as this is a connection between friends, we share, retweet, tag and repost any event or happening our customers post.  So if you are trying to expand your web presence, connect with us.

Here is a list of ways our customers can find us on the web.


On Facebook we have 2 pages.  Our main Brown Facebook page has daily specials and information about upcoming events.  Our BrownDigital Facebook page offers insight and product information on the DragonAir product line.  We also share what other members in our industry has posted.  This is a great way to keep up on  some interesting magazine articles and blogs.


Twitter has the specials of the day and additional information on what is happening at events as they happen.  #ISS, #NMB, #DAX, #SGIA, and #PPAI are just some of the hashtags you will see on our twitter feed.

Brown Blog

We also write a blog each month, as you are reading.  We use this space to provide technical direction, new product information and highlight trade show information.  This is a space that gives more than tidbits and sound bites and provides details on how new products and technology can increase your productivity and profitability.

E-blast Newsletter

Monthly we send out our specials and our event information to our Friends and Family customers.  By signing up for our monthly e-blast you will be the first to hear news.  Just send us your email address and we will add it to our list of subscribers.  And do not worry we do not share this list with anyone.  Remember, we think of you as Friends and Family and we treat you that way.

YouTube Channel

If you are looking for detailed product information and instructions on products you own, subscribe to our YouTube Channel.  In addition to having instructional and product information videos available, we had a #YouTubeChallenge for our customers that asked for product endorsements and cool stuff printed on Brown machines.  There are some great videos that came from some very creative people.  If you have one, tag BrownMfg with your video and we will add it to our playlist.


We are just beginning to play with Vine.  Yo may see some fun stuff and some of our people working hard.  Only 6 seconds?  We think they are worth watching.

If you have a vine video that shows what you print with Brown Equipment, then tag us, BrownMfg.  We will share it with our followers.


LinkedIn is an interesting way to connect with people professionally.  Though many of our employees have accounts, we have created a company page that should keep people better informed as to what we do and what new items we are offering.  Make a connection with our company page.  It is a great resource for new ideas.


Our store lists some smaller items that can be purchased directly online.  Flash cure units and small printers that are easy to UPS can be purchased directly through Ebay and there are some shipping specials that are applied to those purchases.  Additional items will be added as time allows.

Skype, LiveChat, eMail

There are also other ways that we are available for contact.  You can use Skype, brownmfg, or LiveChat from our web site.

Call us!  We like talking directly to people.

The easiest connection to us is by phone.  We are here from 7:30am to 6:00pm EST and our cell phones are always on (unless we are flying).  You will not find an automated attendant at the other end of the call.  Our people, the Brown Family, are here to serve our customers.  So call 616-249-0200 with any questions you have.