Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Time to reconnect and restart

Are you ready?

Even in Michigan we are beginning to see the world shifting back.  It was with great celebration that our own John Ball Zoo opened to the public and that the local little league signed up for t-ball.  There is more work to do, but now is the time to connect with those customers who limited their ad dollars to survive the past year.  Restaurants, event venues and tourist businesses will be eager to see creative new marketing suggestions to restart in the post-COVID arena.

So what new do you have for them?

The same old-same old will feel comforting.  Yes, we could all use a little pre-vid ease.  However, since EVERYONE will be trying to get attention, what will you bring to the table that is new and interesting?  We have had plenty of time to think about that.
  • Can you offer longer runs at better prices?  An ElectaPrint can help with that.
  • Do you chase the athletic market the is back in full swing?  Screen printed number are less expensive and nicer for the athlete than heat seal.  But you need to be equipped for that.  There are lots of options.  Check out the Slider.
  • Looking for short run customization? DTG is a great source for new work.  The DragonAir Crimson could be just what you need to cure those goods.
  • Do you offer super fast turn around?  The a FastFlash would speed you up.  Is yours hot and ready?

  • Can you reduce your set-up fee because you are making screens quicker?  An LED exposure unit would give you this capability.

Go for the close.  Give them a reason to return.

People talk big, but it is the repeated on-time delivery of quality goods that keeps them coming back.  It is creative thinking of new ideas that generates new revenue.  It is the commitment to internal growth and change with complete follow through that grows businesses.  Doing the same work each day should create a smooth flow of production and a quality product.  However, if you do this for too long it will also cause stagnation.  The end of the pandemic offers each business an opportunity to add something new that will generate a buzz of excitement.