Thursday, November 5, 2015

SGIA Product of the Year and Product introduction

SGIA Expo is going on as I write.  It is the largest show in the United States for specialty graphics.  This show is very diverse in its offerings and its reach.  It features printing for circuit boards, shirts, signage and many other challenging substrates.  The attendees that walk the floor are international and can have much of this product diversity within their own production environment.  It is often where new products are introduced and changing technologies are discussed.

Vega™ LEDuv curing system

This is our first venture into UV curing systems.  With the advent of LED technology and our FireFly software we have taken our 30+ years of printing experience into a new realm.  UV printing is an untouched area of decoration for our machinery line.  
However, many of our staff have years of understand of printing and ink systems.  Combining this knowledge of UV inks and our engineers LED light technology Brown Manufacturing Group has developed the Vega line of LEDuv curing systems.  This is a first offering of this product and details are to follow.  However, this is an exciting expansion of the Brown product line and we look forward to meeting new customers within this industry.

SGIA Product of the Year

Also at this expo, SGIA offers Product of the Year categories.  The awards have been presented to an impressive array of products.  The FireFly™ and the Linx™ products were contenders in their respective competitions and we think that their money and time saving technology should have placed them near the top.

FireFly Product of the Year presentation
Linx Product of the Year presentation

These product lines have presented exciting challenges and new adventures to the Brown staff.  Our years of printing experience have aided in our understanding of constant change curing requirements within a production environment.  Our engineer's thorough understanding of curing technology is shown in all aspects of the design of the FireFly.

Our 2015 show season closes on a high note with the SGIA experience.  We look forward to the months ahead where we can expand our understanding of the UV production environment and the special needs that those curing systems require.  Our FireFly technology will continue to advance as we deliver new units and new curing challenges are presented.  We look forward to the show season of 2016 and to showing the customers from those regional markets all of the new possibilities that Brown has to offer.