Friday, July 13, 2018

Reconditioned equipment might be right for you

On a regular basis we take machinery in on trade.  Many customers want new machines because they outgrow or are expanding.  Many, like new car owners, prefer not to spend time on repairs.  The opportunity this presents to others is the availability of quality merchandise at lower prices.  Some of the machines we receive are in perfect condition, like the one in the photo.  Many are pretty rough.  However, all of them are checked over by our staff and are fully functional.

What does fully functional mean?  

For ovens we make sure that all the heaters, motors, fans and electronics work as they were designed.  If there is a part not functioning, new parts are installed.  Many ovens come to us with outdated temperature controls.  We install newer style electronics in most conveyors so that future parts replacement is easier for the buyer.  Also, this gives tighter regulation to the heat in the chamber and makes these a reliable unit for any production shop.
For printers, registration is the key.  We repair any registration issues with the print heads and registration gates.  We make sure that any micro registration on the press is moving freely and holds firm in the final location.  We replace any damaged parts such as platens and knobs and we grease all the moving parts for ease of use.  

What do we not do?

We do not spend much time cleaning machines.  We knock off dirt and rub off much of the ugly stuff.  We make sure that the essential parts of he machinery are clean and functioning.  However, shines and new they are not.  We believe that you do not want to pay for the time it would take our people to wipe down and buff an machine.  Cost of the machine is as important as functionality.  

So what do we have?

The inventory of reconditioned machinery is very fluid.  We receive items every time our trucks go on installations and we sell items every day.  Our web site is updated on a regular basis when new items arrive.  Check out the list.  If you see something interesting, give us a a call.