Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Synergy™ pretreat module offers speed and growth

Ok, so this is what the word means but ....?
SY36x84 Synergy with FY2x36-45 FireFly

Combine the FireFly™ patented technology in curing inline with BrownDigital's new high volume pretreat module, Synergy™, and the production rates go up while the labor requirements go down.

The Synergy™  Industrial Pretreat Module is designed for high volume digital decorators and connects directly to the FireFly™ curing system, allowing for rapid evaporation of pretreat solution and a quick turn around to the digital output device.  The flow of the operation continues with reverse transport of the garment back to the original operator.  Complete multi-variate control of each garment.

Pod systems for production allow for flexibility.

Using the production flow shown, two operators can process the full operation.  One person is the pretreat loader and the final product packager.  A second person runs 4 Brother GTX machines.  High volume, low operating cost.

90-150 units per hour

Pod designs can scale for additional production.   

240-300 units per hour

450-600 units per hour 

Speed and flexibility with minimal personnel make the Synergy and FireFly combination a must have for those shops who need to step up their direct to garment volume.