Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Where is the profit in Athletic Numbering?

Just recently, the baseball jersey printing season was completed. Many printers labored long hours to make sure that the local little league looked great and they had shirts for the first game. The questions comes, did they make any money?

Some did and some didn't. Just like every other print job. The reason that some made money is the speed that the job was processed. The least amount of handling is the best way to make money. Man power is expensive so it should not be wasted on low margin work.

How to handle a t-ball job.

Let's outline a typical recreational league numbering job. First there are many teams. Often, 10 or more. Then each team has about 15 players per team. Usually it is a 1-color number on a colored 50/50 tee. Black is the most popular because of pricing. This gives a print change every 15 shirts, or a shirt color change every team.

There are a couple of ways to handle this order that are profitable. You can either sort the laundry into stacks of numbers or stacks of teams. I prefer teams because I only want to sort 1 time. If you own a numbering system, that is the way to go. If not, then sort by number.

When you are putting the image on the garment, you should screen print. This is, after all, a for-profit venture you are running. Charity is nice. Especially when there are children involved. But this is not the time to donate. Therefore, turn off the heat transfer machine and the cutter and walk away from the transfers. Cost on that is about $1 per number. Did I mention the desire for profit?

If you have a numbering system, use it. If not, burn your 15 screens and get over it. These screens cost $.060 each to image and the print is $.06 per impression of ink. The labor is the same whether you transfer or print. Total cost per imprint is $.010. That's right, 10 cents. This is where the money is made.

If you can sort the laundry 1 time, screen print directly on the garment and ask for payment on delivery, then you are making a profit. That is the reason we do this, right?

For more information on athletic numbering systems please check out our site. www.brownmfg.net.