Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Wow, what a year. Big challenges with huge accomplishments.

 Seriously, murder hornets?

We are printing the annual shirt give away for our staff and we wanted to commemorate all that we have accomplished and we referenced all that has encumbered us.  2020 is a year full of challenges.  When the list was drawn up, it amazed people that there were so many challenges that they did not remember all of them.  And we had to remove some from the list because the list got too long. 

However, the important items on this list are the accomplishments.  These are made more impressive because it is 2020 but our staff has pulled off some simply amazing things.


We have a wonderful relationship with Brother International which benefits the BrownDigital line of machinery such as the Synergy and the FireFly.  This connection has pushed our engineering and production staff for both problem solving and increased production.  They have met the challenge with both faster delivery dates and innovative solutions to production issues.  The software for these systems as well as hardware modifications are constantly updating and the assembly staff and engineering have worked diligently together to keep ahead of our customer demands.

With the Brother connection comes high volume travel for our installers and technicians.  During all of the shutdowns and travel restrictions, our staff has moved seamlessly throughout the US and, unbelievably, the world.  International travel is difficult but our staff is safe and we are thankful for their efforts and enthusiasm for the project.  We are thankful to our customers in Asia for being excellent hosts.

C1 and C2 will be presented in 2021.  The engineering effort for this was Herculean.  There is no other way to sum up all that has happened and what we are expecting.  However, 2021 will be amazing.   Just wait, this one is amazing.

All of the items list so far are driven by Linx Control System Integration.  BrownDigital machines all host a component of the Linx Suite of software.  Each product presented their own tech challenges for both function and user interface.  Our software people have written code on the fly, tested in shops, fixed software that was not ours, and taken zillions of service calls.  These calls have come at all hours of the day or time zone and our people have responded without complaint.

Brown is the bread and butter of our business.  We could not be where we are without the ElectraPrint and the Brown line of machinery.  The Brown product line supports our growth into new industries and into new projects.  This group is ever flexible in the daily challenges and fluidity of our production needs.  There is diversity in the skills of this crew.  New or used, printer or oven, this staff keeps our bills paid and our trucks on the road and our customers happy.  

Like the entire world, we celebrate the delivery of the first vaccine as it ships from our home town.  Western Michigan is a hub of new technology with creative hardworking people that make it all happen.  Our new products and the people who design and build it are excited about the future.  Almost as excited as we are about this vaccine (well, may the vaccine is a bit bigger).  The Brown family and the team of committed people look forward to the new changes that will arrive in 2021.