Thursday, January 15, 2015

2015 show season begins

FireFly demonstration
2015 has kicked off to a roaring start!

And welcome to a new season.  We are loading our trucks this week for upcoming events and we hope to see you there.  We have many new things to show you and we are very excited to hear your reaction.

The first event of the season was the PPAI show in Las Vegas. We displayed 2 amazing machines at this show.  The ElectraPrint Junior and the FireFly Curing System.  The speed and small size of the ElectraPrint makes this a great addition to any print shop.  The versatility of the FireFly is a perfect curing option for shops with direct-to-garment machines, athletic printers who print on performance materials and any shop who is trying to feed from multiple print operations onto one belt.

Our next event is the Imprinted Sportswear Show in Long Beach, California.  Our full line of machinery is on display at booth 1247.

The FireFly will be curing polyester performance shirts onsite with zero dye migration without the use of dyno gray inks.  This is pretty amazing stuff.  The Linx Software system will be driving the programs on the FireFly so that each garment will be cured to its own specifications, one right after the other.  Performance, cotton, 50/50.  You really need to check this out.

The podcast 2 Regular Guys  will be joining us on Saturday to review all of the features and benefits of the FireFly.  If you can't make it to the show, then tune in to the podcast.

The ElectraPrint Stealth Senior and Junior machines are set to print, as well as the MasterPrinter and the NumberPrinter.  We will be printing on performance gear and curing all garments with the FireFly.

This is only the beginning of the show season for us.  Wherever you are in the country we will probably be near you soon.  Make plans to visit the show and see what's new.