Monday, January 16, 2012

New Years News

January is a new year.  For Brown Manufacturing Group that means a new show season.  We have already visited Las Vegas at the PPAI show and we appreciate all who spent time with us there.  This week we head to ISS Long Beach. is one of our favorite events.  

We look forward to breakfast at the Long Beach Cafe.  It is the best breakfast on the show circuit!

Our first discussion for a major show is what design are we going to print.  This time, our in-house print Guru, Mike Green is printing a great design donated by Great Dane Graphics.  Check this out!

Then comes the question of "how much stuff can we get into the booth". This is where our personal diet plans come into the conversation.  Trust me, if losing a few pounds could get another machine into the booth, Mike would certainly give it a go.  However, if you have met him, it has not be an achievable goal.

This show we have the ElectraPrint 68 with a 240V drive system and the latest upgrade on the Set-n-Go pre-registration system.  We will also be showing the ElectraPrint Junior machine and a full line of manual equipment.

The show special for this weekend is a hot one... check this out.

Please take a moment this weekend and visit us in booth #153, our usual office and check out the latest offerings.  As the phrase goes... see what Brown can do for you.