Tuesday, June 15, 2010


BrownMfg is a member of many industry forums. Even on our competitor's sites. However, I will admit, we are trolls. We lurk, we watch, we even reply with emails. Many would say that it is bad to troll, but I believe it is better. Let me continue.

As a member of these sites, we are able to read and respond to all the posts. Most often the items posted do not contain content that we are experts on. Many times they are in parts of the industry that we have nothing to do with. Ok, we just read as many of you do.

However, many posts are counterproductive to earning money as screen printers. These, all I can do is shake my head. As examples, making equipment instead of buying. Posters want an opinion as to whether they made something worth using. My first response is that the time they took making the equipment should have been sent selling print jobs. They could have sold enough jobs during that time to pay for a really nice press that will give them quality work.

I am sure I have mentioned that we are in this to make money, not play with power tools.

Other posters want an opinion on a product. As a manufacturer, how can I respond to that? We will not bash a competitor.

Then there are the postings that comment on our products. As the manufacturer, we cannot get into a conversation online without risking our reputation. We often know who the post was written by. They have chosen not to call us or have decided that we are not willing to service them to their demands. How can we comment on any of that.

A good reason to be a troll.

So, for those who wish more active participation by manufacturers, take a look at the reasons we are silent.

Contact us directly, please.